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Worldwide Fly Fishing Destinations

Royal Coachman Lodge - If you enjoy fishing in Alaska for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Lake Trout, and Sheefish at one of the nicest Alaska fishing lodges... you'll love the Royal Coachman Lodge!

Copper River Lodge - The Copper River is one of the premier wild rainbow rivers in Alaska; and considered by many, one of the premier rivers in the world. It is a State of Alaska designated "trophy rainbow river" and regulated to "fly fishing only; catch and release." It is this designation that has kept the fishing on the river so outstanding.

Lower Dean River Lodge - On the Dean anglers enjoy summer weather, few bugs, water temps a constant 50 degrees, snowcapped peaks and granite rock faces in every direction, old growth forests, an unparalleled guiding and lodging experience and finally the finest summer run steelhead fishing anywhere. Dean River steelhead return in incredible numbers beginning June 20 and enter the river without stopping until the close of the season October 1.

Sweetwater's Mongolian Taimen Camps - Sweetwater Travel pioneered Taimen fishing in Mongolia. After 14 successful seasons, and hundreds of happy fishermen, Mongolia remains one of the most unique fly fishing destinations in the world. Sweetwater has refined its operation and offers unrivalled expertise and comfort for the fly fisherman. After all if you are travelling all the way to Mongolia to fish, why wouldn’t you fish with the only group of guides who have been in Mongolia every year since 1995? - Sweetwater Travel Company has been outfitting, guiding and fishing in Brazil since 1992 and has fished and outfitted on most of the major Peacock Bass fisheries in Brazil. Armed with fluent Portuguese, and an intrepid sense of adventure, we have built the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and helped launch our new River X operation with renowned outfitter Luis Brown.

Conservation Sites

North Coast Steelhead Alliance - The North Coast Steelhead Alliance is committed to securing the escapement of wild steelhead in sufficient numbers to sustain healthy wild steelhead stocks and a robust sport fishery in northwestern British Columbia.

Trout Unlimited - To conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Conservation Fund - To date the Fund has helped to conserve more than 300,000 acres of Alaska’s most extraordinary landscapes - from majestic forest lands to world-class fishing spots to rugged coastlines. Working with public and private partners throughout the state, the Fund has helped to acquire and permanently protect land valued at more than $123 million.

Nature Conservancy - The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

The Tributary Fund - The Tributary Fund exists to protect ecosystems around the globe by creating conservation awareness, addressing economic needs, and strengthening cultural practices that embody conservation ethics. Adopt a Taimen!

Other Fishing Related Sites

Sweetwater Fly Shop - The one and only place to get all your necessary gear featuring local Montana fishing reports, Shop by Destination and Shop by Species.

MidCurrent Fly Fishing
- MidCurrent provides fly fishing tips, fly fishing gear advice, videos, interviews, and the best in fly fishing writing.

FishEyeSoup - is a great resource for fishing reports, conditions and news.

Sweaty Waders - The blog of Sweetwater Travel and Sweetwater Fly Shop.

Abel Reels - To design and build the best, most dependable gear in the world and give world class customer service.

Sage – A great site dedicated to everything Sage. Excellent technical info as well as a great rod selection guide.

Scott Fly Rod Co.– Scott Rods are hard to beat. Made in Montrose, CO Scott continually produces great fishing rods.

Tibor Reel Corp. – Tibor reels are simply the best fly reel made for large game fish.

Galvan Reels – Another must have reel for all species.

Waterworks-Lamson Reels – Waterworks-Lamson reels are one of the most popular trout reels in the west. They make great under-wader wear as well.

Simms – A great site on Simms products as well as conservation and guide tips.

Fishpond – Fishpond makes great fishing products from boat bags to nippers.

Cloudveil – Cloudveil has come out with a new line of fly fishing products that is taking the industry by storm. They also have a great web site!