Sustut River

The Skeena River system in northern British Columbia has long been known as the "Valhalla" for anglers from all over the world who wish to test their skill against the largest steelhead anywhere. Despite what others say, Sustut steelhead are biologically the largest race of steelhead going. Steelhead average 14-16 pounds with fish well into the 30's always a possibility. The Sustut River is one of a handful of Class One rivers in the province of British Columbia. This designation is reserved for rivers with exceptional runs of fish located in pristine wilderness. With the exception of the Dean, there are few rivers that match the Sustut's beauty or angling experience.

The Sustut is a long river, though it's headwaters to the Bear River confluence are closed to angling. This sanctuary helps insure our runs of steelhead stay strong. The two lodges on the Sustut fish the eighteen miles from the confluence of the Bear to it's junction with the Skeena just above a Class 4 canyon and rapid aptly named the Terminator.

The upper river is largely canyon water with glassy pools and steep canyon walls for roughly 6 miles  before breaking into a wide open valley with gentle gravel bars, ledge rock tailouts and classic steelhead runs. The Sustut is best suited for anglers interested in clear water, large steelhead and wilderness. Sustut steelhead are exceptionally aggressive to dry flies and it's a rare day where our anglers are throwing sinking lines. Think dry lines, dry flies and water more reminiscent of New Zealand than one might expect of BC.