The Fishing Program

Unlike most road accessed rivers in BC, the Sustut is so far from civilization and such a short system that it is cheaper and more efficient to fish with one of the two lodges on the river than do a diy float trip. That means the Sustut receives very limited use outside of the two fishing lodges. Additionally, our fishing program is set in cooperation with Suskeena Lodge so that anglers at both lodges will enjoy their piece of the Sustut for the day on their own. This allows for a fun atmosphere focused on fishing at a relaxed pace that you won't find on other rivers. Our boats get on the water just after breakfast and return straight to the lodge for appetizers and drinks--zero highway time, no boat launch line up or delays and, most importantly, it means you don't have to get up at the crack of dark so you can get fresh water. On the Sustut we set our program to take advantage of the warmer hours of the day when fish are more active. When it comes to fresh water, it's all yours, all day long.

Whether you are a single hander or spey fishermen, our guides are there to help and instruct. They rank among the most patient and experienced guides in the industry. Under no circumstances will you find yourself dumped in a run with a radio or fishing four to a boat. And while our guides are passionate anglers, they have all been hired to make sure your fishing is the best it can be. Translated, that means you won't be watching your guide jumping a fish while you're struggling with a cast.



Guests at Steelhead Valhalla Lodge fish the lower 18 miles of the Sustut by jet boat or raft. The upper 80 miles are closed to fishing and part of the reason that the Sustut fishery has remained so stable.  This section of the river insures that returning steelhead have a sanctuary from the pressures of angling.  This insures healthy returns.

Sustut River Steelhead

Sustut steelhead average 14-16 pounds, with many running 20 pounds and larger. Almost every season fish close to 30 pounds are landed--both on wet and dry flies. They are biologically proven to be the largest race of steelhead anywhere.